About Castone

Castone, LLC has been locally and family owned and operated since 1999. We are located in Maryville, TN, but we provide top quality masonry work throughout the entire country. Craftsmanship, professional integrity and quality are what we strive for with every project we receive no matter how big or small.

Meet the Staff

Pat Roberts - Masonry in Maryville, TN
Pat Roberts has been the office manager at Castone since 2011. A Blount County native, she is known to generations of area builders after working 28 years at Walker’s Supply before coming to Castone.

Ralph Hayward - Masonry in Maryville, TN
Ralph Hayward has handled sales for Castone since 2004. He is a Blount County native with a passion for hunting and music. Ralph’s territory includes Knox County and areas west and south of Knoxville, including Loudon County and the Tellico Village/Rarity communities.

Russell Vittetoe - Masonry in Maryville, TN
Russell Vittetoe started his career at Castone in 2003 and is Head Job Supervisor for the company. Russell is a native of Grainger County, and is an outdoor enthusiast, farmer, and horseman.

Matt Everett - Masonry in Maryville, TN
Matt Everett started his career at Castone in 1999, working after school as a very young man. A middle Tennessee native, Matt has a strong passion for music and martial arts. Matt handles commercial estimating for Castone, as well as design work.

Kent Everett - Masonry in Maryville, TN
Kent Everett, a Maryville native, returned to Blount County to found Castone in 1999 after being in the stone business in the Nashville area for seven years prior. With a great love for books, UT sports, and golf, he has been in the construction industry since 1984.